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ZT The Golden Hotel Barcelona is strategically located in the 22 @ district of Barcelona and designed for those who are sensitive to sustainability. It is a hotel of reference for all those who want to be active in achieving a better world. Our vocation is to be a benchmark in terms of sustainable tourism, which is reflected in our facilities, services and quality policies.


The construction of the building has greater thermal and acoustic insulation than normal -thanks to the combination of polyurethane and mineral rock wool-, greater thermal control with the use of carpentry and special glazing, as well as presence detectors, and an exterior cladding with Photocatalytic paint, which purifies the air and removes allergens and air pollutants. In addition, it has photovoltaic panels for its own generation of electricity. All these physical characteristics of the building, added to the services offered by the hotel, have led to the establishment being awarded the A certification for energy efficiency - which is the highest qualification granted by the Barcelona City Council - at the time of its construction..


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